These things are like a virus!

I am in big trouble.

I have no idea how this happened but I am getting overrun with Korg synths! It’s a long sordid story but somehow these things are multiplying! 2x Korg Trinity Rack, 1xKorg Triton Rack, 1x Korg M3R……
That’s not the worst part of it. There is a Korg Trinity Pro-61 key synth on its way to the studio as we speak!


Too many Korgs

Lifetime Warranty!

Here’s a quick way to get a slice of history. Koss Pro4/AA headphones are incredible and they are built like a tank. Many a great albums were engineered with these workhorses. So here’s a little secret that is not widely known. These headphones come with a lifetime warranty.

I just bought a pair on eBay for $24.00. I spent $8.00 shipping back to Koss and included a check for $8.00 to ship them back. Koss will either refurbish them back to factory condition or send you a new pair! SO for my $40.00 investment, I get a brand new pair of headphones. I remember when I was 16, and at my friend’s house, his dad had a pair of these and when I put them on I was blown away by their clarity.

Did I mention how similar this is to HP’s lifetime Warranty? HP even pays for the shipping!

Used pair of Koss Pro4AA eBay ~$30.00
New pair ~ $120.00


OK,  so it going to take me a couple of days to figure out WordPress. I will need a lot of help. How do I get the twitter link added?

Got to love it …… new technology!


Update: Add a text widget. Under Appearance/Widgets you drag the text widget to the right hand side of your screen. Go to twitter and have it generate the HTML for you to paste in the text widget!