I scream, You Scream

I have an interesting idea. I want to load an 802.1x test client on an Android device. Trouble is I don’t have one. I do have VirtualBox, so I started asking myself if there is a way to run Android in it. A quick trip to the Google and I found a couple of interesting resources.

First I loaded an Android image for VMWare and it didn’t do a whole lot. There must be more! Finally my luck panned out by finding this;


I posted the downloads here as well.


Android ISO

And unless you’re really clever, you will need instructions. I copied them and put them into a word file that you can print out.


When you get to the part about accessing the Terminal Emulator, I used the fly wheel on my mouse and found it. I guess in Android there is a search function as well.

Other than that it is a very stable version of Ice Cream Sandwich running on your desktop.

Discliamier: This is totally unsupported by me or anybody I know. I am offering this as is. I will be doing my client install (Hopefully) later this week.