I feel a disturbance….but this time it’s a good thing

In case you have been hiding in a wiring closet admiring the weave of the Cat 5/6 cabling the last few months, let me bring you up to date on a big announcement from Hewlett-Packard. SDN.

Here is a link to the page

In 3 days and about 4 hours, HP will officially lauch the HP SDN App Store! This is a place where HP and 3rd party applications will be made available for use with the HP VAN SDN Controller. SDN Applications can either run internally in the controller (Reactive) or externally (Proactive). These application can be easily be downloaded to your controller (Reactive) or run along side of the controller (Proactive).

This is great news because those of us who imagine we are monster DevOps mavens…I did say imagine…can create applications and once accepted, can be accessed through the App Store. These applications can generate revenue for you.

So if you’re a company in need of a SDN solution, you have a place to shop. If your capable of creating your own application, you have a marketplace to sell your wares.

After all, selling SDN applications on the HP SDN App store is my retirement plan…;-)

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