A Brief diversion

Console 2.0 a limited operators interface to IMC.

OK, sorry for the brief diversion from the python blog, but something came up and I wanted to share. We all know the power of API’s, I have been evangelizing this for quite some time now. Here is an example of API’s in action. I have a customer that uses IMC and likes it a lot. The main trouble he is having is he cannot lock down IMC to the point where the noob console operators cannot get into trouble. Things like putting a port in the down state and having it turn out to be an uplink port. So with some python code, HTML5, IMC API’s and containers…can’t forget those, I put together a solution. Originally this was implemented on a WAMP server. So if you have a Windows only policy, this solution will work for you as well (You will need my Win2008R2 OVA file…email me).

I give you Console 2.0…in a docker container. Lately, it seems I’m ending a lot of conversations with …”in a docker container” …….I’m kind of like that guy with a jalapeno on a stick!
This solution allows for the multiple users to find MAC or IP addresses, up/down front facing ports only, change vlans on interfaces and add voice VOIP configuration to switchports. I added a few other handy things to have and finally an option that will blast the voip port back to factory defaults.
This is available on my Dockerhub account at:
To get the docker image you will issue this command from a docker server: sudo docker pull xod442/console2
To get it to run:
sudo docker run -d -p 80:80 xod442/console2 /usr/sbin/apache2ctl -D FOREGROUND
Point a browser to the docker server’s IP address on port 80. Away you go!