My journey towards world domination!

Another episode in the quest to become a stackstorm master! Advancements in stackstorm and the new HpeOneView integration.

Now that we have the stackstorm (st2) pack available for HPE’s composable fabric, we now can connect to just about anything in the stackstorm exchange….(google it now….I’ll wait….) So, on the exchange you will find a whole lot of interesting applications and their associated automation packs (via github). This is real automation you can deploy today by installing the pack on your “sidekick” or st2 server. Take the twitter pack for instance, we can install it by st2 pack install twitter yes, it’s that easy!.

Now of course this is where the fun begins, but getting it installed is a breeze!


OK, now if I install the “plexxi” pack (st2 pack install on our sidekick st2 server, we will be able to run actions on the CFM controller and get all kinds of interesting information. I will now be able to get information from the CFM controller and possibly perform actions on other things, like in the exchange or (servicenow) other HPE products.

With it’s massive popularity, HPE OneView is a logical target. I will hopefully soon get this pack released on HPE’s external github. Hit me up if you need it sooner. After we install this OneView pack we are able to have communication, via st2, between OneView and composable fabric. Automation is super easy after that.

So, next steps? iLo Amplifier? Pensando?

As we add new products vis the st2 integration pack, our sidekick server becomes a Data Services Engine. It could be used to automatie things in the cloud with the Azure and AWS (Digital Ocean) integration packs available on the exchange. Or do data center automation between HPE OneView and Composable fabric, like in the short video.