Oh, yeah, that would be a nice to have!

A quick Arista Spine/Leaf to play with
Part One: Get off the bench
DISCLAIMER: You can only trust a mad scientist so much!
It came to me while I was thinking about something else. I just showed you how to get switches loaded into Arista’s Cloud Vision portal, but you might not have any switches to play with.
You have Vagrant installed, if not Vagrant Up!
You have Oracle VirtualBox installed OVB
You have the box file from Arista
Arista vEOS-lab-6.16.6M-virtualbox.box
The finished product should look like this.
If you are familiar with vagrant, have I got a file for you!
Click this to download.
OK, move the vagrantfile into the directory …just make something up…and change to that dir.
Rename the file if you’re using linux to Vagrantfile (Capital V)
Make sure you add the box file to vagrant
Vagrant box add vEOS4166M vEOS-lab-4.16.6M-virtualbox.box

Then, at the command line just type vagrant up.

Each VM need 1536 of RAM!

The four switch lab will boot up inside Oracle Virtualbox.
Log into the switches with admin/admin

Now you have a lab that’s ready for a BGP configuration!

NOTE!!! You will need to go into the VM setting in Oracle and change the Management interface (#1) to Bridged mode.

It will show that it is set to NAT and that won’t work.

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