No LAG in Link Aggregation

Sub title: Automating the boring

Click less (a lot) with the ability to auto generate LACP sets with the HPE Composable Fabric controller API!

Say you have yourself a pair of HPE Composable Fabric (switches) modules. And about 48 HPE DL 360 servers. Maybe you are setting up a HADOOP lab and you are going to run something like elastic search on the nodes. Well, currently, there is not integration with that workload. You are going to have to use the GUI to manually configure each LACP set.
No worries you seeker of knowledge, you can grab a copy of sidekick:
Sidekick on HPE github
Choose the menu item for Autolag and select the “a-side” and “b-side” switches. Choose the vlan group and then enter how many LACP sets to create. Click the submit button and autolag will build the desired number of LAG’s on the HPE Composable Fabric manager.

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