Lifetime Warranty!

Here’s a quick way to get a slice of history. Koss Pro4/AA headphones are incredible and they are built like a tank. Many a great albums were engineered with these workhorses. So here’s a little secret that is not widely known. These headphones come with a lifetime warranty.

I just bought a pair on eBay for $24.00. I spent $8.00 shipping back to Koss and included a check for $8.00 to ship them back. Koss will either refurbish them back to factory condition or send you a new pair! SO for my $40.00 investment, I get a brand new pair of headphones. I remember when I was 16, and at my friend’s house, his dad had a pair of these and when I put them on I was blown away by their clarity.

Did I mention how similar this is to HP’s lifetime Warranty? HP even pays for the shipping!

Used pair of Koss Pro4AA eBay ~$30.00
New pair ~ $120.00

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