Hidden Messages

No for something completely different. We all have seen those black and white cubes with three black squares. These things are called QR codes. If your half awake you have probably noticed one or two. If you are a geek at heart like me, you have probably downloaded the App on you smartphone¬†to read these things. QR codes come in all shapes and sizes. During a discussion with a fellow engineer, we talked about using QR codes to load bulk information into IMC, HP’s network management platform.

The next logical question in my mind was how to you make such things? The answer?
GOQR.me. Head on over to goqr.me and they have a very nice QR code generator. You can type in text, URL’s or just about anything you can think of and goqr.me will create your QR code dynamically.

Simply download or use Windows snipping tool to get the image into a .JPG file and use it where ever you care.

Secret Message

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