HP’s iMC 7.0 Login Page Customization

I know what you’re thinking. I just upgraded my iMC server to the 7.0 release and now my old login customization no longer works. Well, maybe that wasn’t what you were thinking but at some point you will. So I have been busy here in the “Wookie Lab” and tracked down where the graphic locations are.

If you haven’t tried the new themes in iMC, there are four to choose from.

Classic, Midnight, Gun Metal and Ocean.

The corresponding folder locations:
c:\Program Files\iMC\client\web\apps\imc\resources\primefaces-imc-deep-blue\images.

There is also a primefaces-imc-classic-blue, primefaces-imc-cool-black and
 primefaces-imc-elegant-gray directory. You may want to add the custom graphics to those as well.

There are two files that you will need to create. The first is “box_bg.png” This has to be a png file. The graphic dimensions are 508X248.

The second image is “login_bg.jpg” This file will be 1908X1080.

Be creative!

Here I made the box_bg.png file:

This will be where  the Username and password fields will be displayed. Don’t worry, just experiment and see what you come up with.

The next graphic is the overall background image login_bg.jpg. This is what mine looks like:

Place a copy of both files in the primefaces directories listed above. Make sure you make of backup of the original files….never know if you’ll need them later.

Point you browser over at your iMC server and behold!…..do people even say that anymore?



Hit me up if you have any questions!!

2 thoughts on “HP’s iMC 7.0 Login Page Customization

  1. I’m trying to setup SSO login to IMC (from a checkpoint mobile access portal – to allow remote access to IMC)…and think you might know enough about the login pages to help me out.

    Both the CP portal and IMC are authenticating via RADIUS, and the CP portal is capable of caching the credentials and posting them to another web page when you browse to it via the portal. I’m just having trouble figuring out where to post the creds and what format they need to be in.

    The values i can enter in CP are:

    -when the following sign in URL is requested: :///[][?]
    -post to the following URL: :///[][?]
    -the following POST data: (using variables $USERNAME and $PASSWORD)

    Any idea what these values would be? Or how i can find out?

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